Monday, April 05, 2010

A Fact That Should Be Neither Surprising Nor Derogatory

The [Roman Catholic] clerical system is significantly homosexual in orientation. This fact should neither be surprising nor derogatory. The structure and culture of the Roman Catholic Church makes room and positive use of the great reservoir of talent represented in the gay community. But just as gay priests can be exemplary pastors some, too, can remain underdeveloped. Because such a large proportion of the clerical community – bishops and priests – is homosexual a greater proportion of the sexual abusers of minors are gay and their victims, male. . . . Psychosexually immature men are prone to select sexually immature partners. A substantial proportion of priests (fall in love) or become sexually involved with children or minors under the guise and self-delusion that they are being kind. . . . A significant number of Roman Catholic clergy are psychosexually immature. This has been studied and well documented. The church prefers men and women on this level of development for church service because they are easier to control – they tend to be idealistic, dependent, obedient to authority, in need of causes and devoted to people they feel are strong; underdeveloped people are responsive to well defined boundaries that make them feel special (superior) and secure.

– Richard Sipe
The Vatican Connection: Pedophilia and Celibacy
March 18, 2010

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Mareczku said...

Richard Sipe made good points. He is true in that there are many gay priests. My opinion is that celibate gay priests should not be removed just because a tiny minority hate gay people. I was told by another poster, "Pope Benedict XVI has declared that homosexuals be barred from seminaries and orders. They would all be gone by now and this process is taking place. It is slow because so many bishops are dissident and in defiance of God and Pope. To reemphasize, the Pope is getting rid of gay priests." He said they were gravely disordered. I commented that if people didn't want homosexuals in their Church perhaps they should find another Church. I got this in return, "If you are Active homosexuals then you are the ones who are not Catholic and should leave the Church." She did say that they could stay if they repented and remained chaste. Another said that the sodomites in the Church should be removed. I wonder how many people actually believe that they are going to be able to get rid of all gay men from the priesthood.