Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Latest from Darren Hayes

One of The Wild Reed's most consistently popular posts is this one from February 2008. It focuses on singer-songwriter Darren Hayes, coming out, and . . . er, time travel.

Anyway, a Facebook contact recently shared the following music video of Hayes' latest single "Black Out the Sun." It's from his upcoming album Secret Codes And Battleships which, according to Hayes, "is about being lost on a journey to find your true happiness – and about the war between lovers and their struggle to stay together in a world that just wants people to break up. It's about all the things we dare not say to each other but having the courage to do so."

As you'll see, the video for "Black Out the Sun" is quite dramatic. And I have to say that its hooded figures and menacing otherworldly vibe remind me of this stunningly drawn panel from Prince Valiant that I recently highlighted on my blog, A Prince Named Valiant!

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brian gerard said...

So Dramatic! Also, Darren is so skinny now! Thanks for posting.