Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

The tenor of the [U.S. Catholic] bishops' warning [to President Obama] appears to signal an escalation in their battle against gay marriage, as well as a hardening of their opposition to Obama just as the 2012 presidential campaign gets underway. The bishops' new hard line was welcomed by conservatives, and it comes as Obama is facing record-low opinion ratings.

The bishops' stance carries risks, however, as voters appear to be focused on the state of the economy more than gay marriage. Moreover, polls show a steady erosion of opposition to gay rights of all kinds among the U.S. population, with Catholics more open to endorsing gay relationships than many other faith groups.

– David Gibson
"Archbishop Timothy Dolan Issues Letter to Obama About Gay Marriage"
Religion News Service via The Huffington Post
September 22, 2011

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brian gerard said...

Sent this to the USCCB today:

"Where is the Bishops letter to the President regarding programs for the poor, the unemployed (especially veterans), medical assistance, bank regulation? That the Bishops find this issue to be the only one pressing enough to warrant a frank letter to the President shows how out of touch they have become with those of us leading a christian life every day. What a shame that they stake the reputation of the entire Catholic church on political maneuvering. Worse still, they happily join hands with fundamentalists who clearly reject the teachings of Jesus and the tradition of our Church. Shame indeed.

No good will come of this political stunt. The Bishops would do well to take a long look at beams in their eyes and stop casting stones."