Monday, March 19, 2012

Prayer of the Week

From Psalm 119 . . .

. . . I offer myself into Your Hands,
that I may live fully into Your Life.
Open my heart's eyes, that I may see
the wondrous blessings of Creation.

I am a sojourner on earth;
yet I know myself as a spiritual being.
My soul is consumed with an intense longing
to be blessed and sustained by You,
O Divine Lover!

May I not be a bearer of disharmony,
one who is arrogant and greedy;
Teach me to stand firm when faced
with injustice and oppression,
to be fervent in my stance for truth!
Even though fears rise up, may my eyes
remain focused on You.
For in Love Consciousness do I delight;
O my Counselor and Friend!

With my heart's ear I hear the injunction
to pray for my enemies,
even those who persecute me.
How can I, weak and fear-filled,
heed this difficult teaching?

Help me to understand the way of your precepts,
and the strength to follow through.
My soul is willing, O Merciful One,
yet the body would flee.
Who is the enemy from whom I run,
but the ego-fears hidden in the shadows within!
Strengthen me according to Your Life,
lead me gently into the Light.
For, I have chosen the way of faithfulness;
with trust in You, I will face
my own darkness.
I will not run from the illusions which
beset me, so that each one may be transformed
in and through Your Love.

Help me to know, O Teacher,
the path to follow;
lead the way and I will come.
In Your Love is the power to calm
the storms of adversity;
show me the power of Your forgiving Love.
O that I might learn to bless others selflessly,
to be a silent benediction.
Incline my heart to Love Consciousness,
and not to gain.
Turn my eyes from the world's temptations,
and birth me into new Life.

Let me enter into the realm where
the aspirations of my soul may become manifest.
Clothe me with compassion that I may
answer the cries of those in need.
Do You see how I long to serve,
to co-create with You?
In Your mercy, hear my prayer.

– Excerpted from Psalm 119
as translated by Nan C. Merrill
in Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness

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