Sunday, April 08, 2012

Quote of the Day

The undeniable sign of resurrection is joy, looking redeemed, bringing a sense of hope to others that is tangible and irresistible. It is not shallow but deep, abiding and enduring. Death cannot break its hold, and suffering and persecution often strengthen it. It brings light and remembers to seek out the stars in the darkest part of the night. . . . It is the work of reconciliation, and it abhors violence and insensitivity to others' pain. It knows fear but is not paralyzed or controlled by it. It feeds on the word and . . . shares the bread graciously with all. It shoulders the cross and denies itself and turns toward the face of God in all others. It announces the victory of justice and grasps our hands for that victory in our life; it wrests us free of the grip of evil and isolation. [Resurrection] thrives in community.

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