Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quote of the Day

Writes Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe . . .

. . . I have no tolerance for bigots. I have no tolerance for sexists. I have no tolerance for racists, slave owners, or those who would oppress another group simply because they can. I have absolutely NO tolerance for those who don’t treat other people the way they would want to be treated. I have nothing but contempt for those who would pass a constitutional amendment denying equality under the law to a segment of American citizens. We’ve fought countless battles over the years trying to bring greater equality to both this country and the world, and you would shove it aside like so much trash.

And guess what? My intolerance doesn’t kick in until YOU do something. Treat everyone equally and with respect and we’ll never have a problem. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it.

I won’t sugercoat it, won’t hide it in fancy words, won’t wrap it in a swaddling of morality and fear; if you vote to restrict the rights of another person, you are trying to make them your slave. You are telling them that the very birthright that makes us human, the right to free will and choice, the right to happiness and freedom, no longer applies. You are flat out stating that a person is no longer a human being, that YOU should decide what’s best with no care for independent thought, that YOU alone know the only way to do things.

I call this oppression. I call it tyranny. I call it cruel and unjust and undeserving of consideration by anyone who would live free of shackles. . . .

– Chris Kluwe
"Mirror, Mirror"
Out of Bounds
September 26, 2012

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