Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something to Think About . . .

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The Complex and Layered Meanings in Pope Francis’ New Document – Francis DeBernardo (Bondings 2.0, November 27, 2013).
The Pope’s Bold New Vision – James Martin, SJ (CNN, November 26, 2013).
Evangelii Gaudium Amounts to Francis’ “I Have a Dream” Speech – John L. Allen, Jr. (National Catholic Reporter, November 26, 2013).
Making All Things New and Beginning Again – Daniel P. Horan (America, November 26, 2013).
How Will Pope’s New Document Affect LGBT Issues? – Francis DeBernardo (Bondings 2.0, November 26, 2013).
Francis’ “Writing on the Wall” for Catholic Sexual Dogma – Terence Weldon (Queering the Church, November 27, 2013).

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