Thursday, June 18, 2015

Laudato Si' and the Question That Needs to Be Asked

Writes theologian William D. Lindsey . . .

Call me crazy, but if I were a world religious leader writing a major document about ecology today – one which stresses that it is addressing every member of the human community – and if I chose to use the word "sister" fourteen times in that major document, I'd find some way, I think, to include the voices of the sisters of my own faith community in what I had to say. Say, Hildegarde of Bingen and Julian of Norwich, who have a wealth of significant things to tell us about our relationship to the cosmos and the spiritual implications of that relationship

Or Teresa of Avila and Catherine of Siena, both profoundly important spiritual theologians. Or leading sister theologians and sister thinkers today who have written critically important works about these very matters, from Elizabeth Johnson to Rosemary Radford Ruether to Elizabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza to Mary Hunt, Ivone Gebara, Teresa Forcades and on and on.

Instead, Pope Francis' ground-breaking encyclical Laudato Si' is interlarded throughout with citations of one male religious authority figure after another, including Blessed Paul VI, Saint John Paul II, Saint John XXIII, Pope Benedict XVI, Saint Francis of Assisi and Blessed Charles de Foucauld, one bishops' conference after another ([comprised of] all men, as far as I know), and theologians including Saint Basil the Great, Thomas Aquinas, Teilhard de Chardin, Romano Guardini, etc.

Laudato Si' is full of valuable reminders that the earth is sister to all of us, and that we all originate from the womb of primal Mater, who gives birth to the mater-ial world. But nowhere in the encyclical does one really hear the voice of the many sisters and mothers who, throughout the course of Catholic history and today, have fostered these significant insights, made them shine in the discourse of the church, and reminded us that we forget these insights to the peril of all of creation.

How is it possible, I ask myself, for us to hear the voice of Sister Earth, when we refuse to hear the voices of our own human sisters and our sisters in faith?

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jamez said...

We now have just that opportunity to contribute to the dialogue started by Laudato Si. Of course, the encyclical is not the last word on the subject but really just a belated beginning. It is now up to the entire Body of Christ - Us - to enflesh and permeate this Gospel with all our diverse insight, effort, ingenuity and Love...