Friday, September 25, 2015

Quote of the Day

Really? This is the best that the church has for LGBT Catholics – the expectation that they be celibate? At this extraordinary meeting of Catholics from around the globe, why is [a] celibate gay man [Ron Belgau, pictured with his mother, Beverley, at right] the only representation of the church's LGBT members?

What a wasted opportunity.

How extraordinary it would've been to also hear married gay Catholics tell their stories and for sincere, honest and mutually respectful discussions to have proceeded from them.

What an eye-opener it would've been for straight Catholics who don't know any LGBT Catholics to actually speak with them, from the heart. To get – maybe for the first time - that LGBT Catholics are more than their sexual orientation just as straight Catholics are more than their own.

They, too, are husbands, wives and parents who pray and yearn for a better world for themselves and their families. Who try to discern God's will and handle life's hardships with grace. Who are flawed but trying, broken but worthy of full inclusion in the faith that sustains them.

. . . After Belgau's talk, attendees lined up at two microphones to ask questions, at least one of which broke my heart: A woman wondered how she should respond to a beloved niece, a lesbian who has announced her engagement. As a Catholic, the woman didn't know if she should attend the wedding.

[Belgau] advised the woman to respond with love and, maybe, consult with her priest. I'm sorry: If you have to ask a priest whether to attend the wedding of a niece you say you love, you don't deserve to be there.

– Ronnie Polaneczky
Excerpted from "Just Say No to Sex. Forever."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
September 25, 2015

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Anonymous said...

That headline writer at did the author of the column no favor. It's not about "no to sex forever". Lordy, there are straight married couples who no longer have sex (some very unhappily, many grudingly, some happily). People don't die from not having sex; sex is not the same as food or water in that regard. People do die - not only physically but spiritually - from loneliness and depression. It's about (1) saying no to intimate companionship forever, and (2) saying yes to living your life in neuralgic fear that your sexuality is a bomb waiting to go off and that you Must Always Mind That Boundary Fiercely.

Mary Beth said...

Philly was gearing up for this meeting and pilgrims were arriving just as we ended the Women's Ordination Conference. We were not welcome by planners of the World Meeting of Families. Shocked?