Friday, November 11, 2016

In the Wake of Trump's "Catastrophic" Election, Phillip Clark on the Spiritual Truths That Will Carry Us Forward

Phillip Clark is a young gay man who lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the years he has contributed a number of erudite and insightful articles to the Catholic online forum, The Open Tabernacle (see, for instance, here and here).

We've never actually met, but I'm honored to say that Phillip has been a long-time supporter of The Wild Reed. I'm also happy to say that, through Facebook, we have become friends.

In response to Donald Trump's election on Tuesday to the office of President of the United States, Phillip shared the following inspiring words via Facebook. With his permission I share them today at The Wild Reed.


I'm done grieving. As catastrophic as this election is on so many levels, we must remember some spiritual truths that will carry us forward in the coming days, weeks, months, and years:

• All ideological and political divisions are manufactured by the human ego. In terms of biology and DNA, we are truly ALL connected. Political structures, while oriented towards the benefit and functioning of society, are externally conditioned systems that define our identity on mentally-composed ideologies; rather than the truth that we all share a common humanity. Acknowledging this reality does not deny the numerous disturbing implications this year's election will have upon countless lives. Yet (until we reach the consciousness necessary to change the paradigms that allowed this result to happen) the result of the election is now beyond our control.

• We are all divine manifestations of humanity. By owning this limitless spiritual power, we can focus our energies on harnessing the pain, suffering, torment, and dread before us by CREATING new political realities, solutions, and possibilities for ourselves and the United States as a whole. Yes, grim prospects are indeed on the horizon. However, confronting fearful policies with positively-driven activism, advocacy, coordination, and action will elevate the consciousness of our political conversations; ensuring justice, human rights, and the inherent dignity of all citizens remain can remain key foundations of our national conscience.

• Nothing is permanent. Hinduism, Buddhism, and many other Eastern spiritual traditions teach us that time is cyclical in nature – repeating patterns, lessons, and trends until the collective consciousness of humanity has comprehensively learned and healed from its failures and egotistical delusions. The United States of America has been reticent, for over a century, to admit that slavery and institutionalized racism (in addition to the genocide of First Nation peoples) has caused complex and insurmountable emotional, psychological and social pain for peoples of color throughout the nation. The fact that the American public could elect a xenophobic, racist, fascist merely demonstrates that we have not healed – or sincerely addressed – the underlying wound that is the original sin of the United States; which has never been allowed to fully heal. President Trump is a karmic symbol that we cannot run away from the pain and injustice that continues to plague us as a people until racism, misogyny, homo/transphobia, and xenophobia are confronted head-on – in legal policy and in daily practice.

The future is really in our hands. Believe it, and discern for yourself how to be a catalyst of positive change and cosmic evolution. Our growth as a nation and a collective family of citizens depends upon it.

– Phillip Clark
via Facebook
November 9, 2016

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