Monday, December 05, 2016

Quote of the Day

You can often see where a president-elect is going by his nominations to high positions in his forthcoming administration. Across over a dozen crucial posts, Mr. Trump has chosen war hawks, Wall Streeters (with a former Goldman Sachs partner, Steven Mnuchin, as his pick for Treasury Secretary) and clenched teeth corporatists determined to jettison life-saving, injury and disease preventing regulations and leave bigger holes in your consumer pocketbooks. . . . Big corporations are drooling at the prospect of further tax cuts, weaker law and order (e.g. deregulation) and the many sub-visible freebies of the corporate welfare state. Guess who gets left holding the bag? Why, you, of course, the workers and small taxpayers. Stay tuned, for more corporatists, Wall Streeters and militarists are on their way to Trump’s Washington.

Ralph Nader
Excerpted from "Trump and His Betraying Makeover"
Popular Resistance
December 5, 2016

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Image: President-elect Donald Trump, November 11, 2016. (Photo: CBS via Getty Images)

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Betsy said...

Somebody, I forget who, suggested recently that the federal bureaucracy has a lot of power to make Trump's government difficult to impossible. What if EPA employees, as well as those in the agencies of HUD, Education, Interior, Labor, etc., refused to implement policies that would harm or destroy earth, schools, labor unions, poverty programs, etc.? How can this kind of resistance be encouraged?