Friday, August 01, 2008

Pool Party

My friends Molly and Brigid arranged and hosted a wonderful pool party for my visiting family at Molly’s apartment complex this afternoon.

Above (from left): My sister-in-law, Cathie; Molly, Brigid; and my nephew, Liam.

Above: My brother, Chris, and my nephew, Mitchell.

Above: With my nephew, Brendan, and my friend, Brigid.

Above: In Molly’s apartment. From left: Me, Molly, Cathie, Mitchell, Brendan, Chris, and Liam.

Above and below: The incredible views of the Mississippi River and downtown Minneapolis from the rooftop of Molly’s apartment building.

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CDE said...

Say hi to Brigid for me. She taught many of my brothers and sisters at St. John the Baptist parish in Excelsior, and they have fond memories of her.

She knows me as "Clayton Probably" because when she asked my mom what they were going to call me when I was born, that was the answer my mom gave.