Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Garden

I have to be honest with you, my friends: there’s something just not right about an Australian shoveling snow!

Not surprising, given that snow (and its shoveling) is simply not part of most Aussies’ experience (unless they live in a place like Thredbo, that is).

Yet with the recent snowfall here in St. Paul, and with friends arriving at my home later in the day to watch the Oscars, shoveling snow was exactly what I had to do yesterday afternoon.

Truth be told, I find that once I get started into almost any kind of physical exercise, I actually quite enjoy it.

Okay, enjoy might be a bit too strong a word. But I can definitely appreciate the benefits of a good workout – be it lifting weights, doing push-ups, or shoveling the sidewalk. It’s getting started on any and all of these things that I have a hard time with.

But as you can see, start – and finish – shoveling I did.

And while outside, I took the opportunity to photograph the unique beauty of the winter garden.

Hard to believe that just over a month ago I was doing this!

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