Monday, May 09, 2011

The Time for Action is Now!

5/10/11 UPDATE: OutFront Minnesota has announced that the Senate will vote at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, on the final passage of the constitutional amendment that would ask voters to permanently ban equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in 2012. This vote cannot by vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Please come to the Capitol at 10:00 a.m. to rally against the amendment. Only our voices can persuade enough legislators to defeat this discriminatory proposal.

Also, call your senator and tell him/her to oppose the amendment! All you need to know is your zip code. Just dial this toll-free number:


From this number, the OutFront system will automatically connect you with your elected officials. Just press 1 and follow the prompts that will connect you directly to your Minnesota State Representative and Senator — all toll-free. You can call in more than once to reach both of your legislators.

It is vital that undecided and swing vote senators from the suburbs and Greater Minnesota hear from their constituents in opposition to the amendment. Tell your friends and family who live in these places to contact their senators to vote no on the amendment! Have them call 1.855.508.6473 today!

If you're unable to speak with your senator, be sure to leave a voicemail. Tell them you're their constituent (mention your address) and leave them a brief message urging them to defeat this divisive amendment that will hurt Minnesota families.


5/9/11: Friends, I've heard that just one more "no" vote from the House Rules Committee is required to stop the discriminatory "marriage amendment" bill in its tracks!

The vote on the bill has already been delayed once. Now is the time to call legislators and tell them of your support for marriage equality and urge them to vote “NO” on the current legislative bills to place a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the ballot in 2012.

House Rules Committee Membership

NOTE: The Democratic legislators are all on board, so please focus on calling the Republican ones listed below.

Matt Dean (R) – 651.296.3018
Kurt Daudt (R) – 651.296.5364
Gene Pelowski Jr. (DFL) – 651.296.8637
Sarah Anderson (R) – 651.296.5511
King Banaian (R) – 651.296.6612
John Benson (DFL) – 651.296.9934
Kathy Brynaert (DFL) – 651.296.3248
Rod Hamilton (R) – 651.296.5373
Debra Hilstrom (DFL) – 651.296.3709
Joe Hoppe (R) – 651.296.5066
Larry Howes (R) – 651.296.2451
Tim Kelly (R) – 651.296.8635
Kate Knuth (DFL) – 651.296.0141
Carolyn Laine (DFL) – 651.296.4331
Leon Lillie (DFL) – 651.296.1188
Tara Mack (R) – 651.296.5506
Denny McNamara (R) – 651.296.3135
Erin Murphy (DFL) – 651.296.8799
Bud Nornes (R) – 651.296.4946
Kim Norton (DFL) – 651.296.9249
Michael Paymar (DFL) – 651.296.4199
Joyce Peppin (R) – 651.296.7806
Peggy Scott (R) – 651.296.4231
Paul Thissen (DFL) – 651.296.5375
Torrey Westrom (R) – 651.296.4929

For more information and updates, click here.

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Paul said...

Just some updates on what is hoped to happen when the Amendment hits the House and/or Senate floors.

1) The theory is that the Democrats will drag out the debate for hours. Personally I am not sure they could do that. But maybe they will do what they did in Madison by having a million amendments to the Amendment. I believe they are planing on using the stories and pictures that OutFront is asking for as talking points/story-telling. And the hope is that "we" will pack the Capitol and bring LOUD voices to make the right-wing know that they cannot expect to pass this thing without a major fight.

2) I talked to some people on Saturday at the HRC event. It is hoped, but not finalized, to create a coalition of at least three groups (maybe more): HRC, Project 515 and OutFront. This coalition would hire a group or person to run the campaign. It appears they are all talking to each other and not getting into turf wars. They each know what their strengths are.

3) As a whole community, WE should ALL pat ourselves on the back for moving the conversation forward on this issue.

a) The MN Family Council and Catholic hierarchy have been forced to drop the "or legal equivalent" language from the amendment. Believe me, it must have been like pulling teeth for them to give that up.

b) The fact that they are pushing to pass it now, versus waiting to do it in May of 2012 is also a major sign that they are running scared. They feel they need 1 1/2 years to convince people to vote YES. By default, people who did not know how they would vote would generally vote YES because it is keeping the status quo. In theory it is the NO side that needs that much time to move people to vote our way. So they are worried.

Feel free to share with people this information so we can pack the Capitol when the time comes. Thanks.

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks Michael - I used your contact information and instructions on how to reach our representatives to help my readers who happen to be in favor of the amendment to contact their representatives to vote yes.



Michael J. Bayly said...


I'm glad my information was of help to you and your readers -- although it actually came from OutFront MN and is readily available on its website. I'm all for people contacting their elected representatives and sharing their perspectives and concerns -- regardless of what they may be.