Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

Following is an excerpt from author John Shore's open letter to a young lesbian who questions if she is "seeking the truth because I want to justify my sin."

No, I don't think you are seeking for more knowledge about God and homosexuals because you want to justify your sin. I think you're doing it because deep inside you know that being homosexual isn't a sin, and you're seeking (and deserve) confirmation of that.

. . . No, you don't go straight to hell for being a lesbian. That anyone is automatically condemned to hell just for being gay or lesbian is absolute, 100 percent medieval bullshit that you can with great relief and joy toss out like the fetid old garbage that it is.

You love. What could be less of a sin than loving? Loving is what humans are supposed to do. When you love, as God made you to love, God wins. You win. I win. Even your church (though they may not yet realize it) wins.

God is love. Period. End of story, forever and ever.

So love! And love even those who would condemn you for that love. For (as someone once said) they know not what they do.

– John Shore
"Am I Seeking the Truth Because I Want to Justify My Sin?"
The Huffington Post
June 20, 2011

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