Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

American Catholics have by and large remained loyal to the core teachings and sacraments of their faith, but increasingly tune out the hierarchy on issues of sexual morality, according to a new study released Monday (Oct. 24).

The sweeping survey shows that over the last quarter-century, U.S. Catholics have become increasingly likely to say that individuals, not church leaders, have the final say on abortion, homosexuality, and divorce and remarriage.

That trend holds true across generational and ideological divides, and even applies to weekly Mass attenders, according to the survey, which has been conducted every six years since 1987.

. . . Catholic loyalty and identity remain remarkably strong, even as 83 percent of Catholics say the clergy sexual abuse scandal has hurt the bishops’ moral and political credibility.

. . . Across the board, Catholics tend to agree on four key markers—the resurrection of Jesus (73 percent), helping the poor (67 percent), devotion to the Virgin Mary (64 percent), and the centrality of the sacraments (63 percent)—as core to their Catholicism.

Opposition to abortion (40 percent) and to same-sex marriage (35 percent), and the authority of the Vatican (30 percent) and support for a celibate, all-male clergy (21 percent) were further down the list.

The issue of homosexuality showed one of the largest gaps between the pulpit and the pews. The portion of Catholics who say church leaders have “the final say” on homosexuality has plunged by half, from 32 percent to 16 percent, over the past 25 years, while those who say individuals make the final call has shot up from 39 percent to 57 percent.

– David Gibson and Kevin Eckstrom
"Catholics See Difference in Loyalty to Faith, Hierarchy"
Religion News Service
October 24, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Oh come off it! 'Keep holy the Sabbath Day'? 'This is My Body'? 'Render unto God the things that are God's'?

What proportion of Amerian Catholics even go to church on Sundays?

In any event, American Catholics are at best Protestants who go to Mass. Always have, always will be!