Monday, October 31, 2011

Quote of the Day

Thank you, Katherine Kersten, for warning us of the implausible ("We Can Expect Aggression on Marriage Vote," Star Tribune, Oct. 22).

The columnist's clarion call for vigilance against "intimidation" by supporters of same-sex marriage in Minnesota is utterly baseless.

Kersten rests her admonition primarily on a few aberrational incidents in California during its legal struggle over the same-sex marriage issue. But there is no reported instance of any similar, or remotely comparable, episode in Minnesota. In fact, the type of persecution she laments has occurred, but not by same-sex marriage advocates. Rather, that type of aggression has been directed against gays and lesbians, especially in schools. Kersten should target her concerns at that type of anti-social misconduct.

This modern-day Cassandra need not worry about loutish behavior by same-sex marriage backers. Her concerns are about as prescient as fearing an insufficient supply of suntan lotion in Minnesota this winter.

– Marshall H. Tanick
Letter to the Editor
Star Tribune
October 30, 2011

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