Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayer of the Week

The Heart of Compassion

By Joyce Rupp

Compassionate God,
your generous presence
is always attuned to hurting ones.
Your listening ear is bent
toward the cries of the wounded.
Your heart of love
fills with tears for the suffering.

Turn my inward eye to see
that I am not alone.
I am part of all of life.
Each one's joy and sorrow
is my joy and sorrow,
and mine is theirs.
May I draw strength
from this inner communion.
May it daily recommit me
to be a compassionate presence
for all who struggle with life's pain.

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Image: Associated Press.

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Beth said...

Michael, thank you for posting this. Joyce Rupp is a favorite of mine - and she has such a gift for being able to put into words what I (and many others) are feeling. Peace.