Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Storm

This past Sunday, December 9, saw the season's first winter storm dump around 11 inches of snow on the metro area of the Twin Cities. I guess such storms are given names now, as the Weather Channel referred to it as Winter Storm Caesar!

According to meteorologist Mike Griesinger of the National Weather Service, the weekend total was more than double last year's largest snowfall of 4.4 inches on December 3, and a third more than last season's snowiest month when 7.3 inches fell in December.

Driving has been somewhat of a pain since the weekend, but there's no denying that when the snow was first falling on Sunday, it created a very beautiful 'winter wonderland'! And I have the photos to prove it. Enjoy!

Above: The view from inside, with my Christmas tree in the foreground.

Above: The beautiful sight I woke up to on the morning of December 9, as this is the view from my upstairs bedroom window. For another photograph of this view, click here.

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Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.