Monday, January 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

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Obama Lauds Progress on Gay Civil Rights in Inaugural Address – Mark Felsenthal (Reuters via Yahoo! News, January 21, 2013).
Obama Embraces Progressive Agenda in Second Inaugural address – Liz Goodwin (Yahoo! News, January 21, 2013).
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Obama's Second Inaugural Will Stand the Test of Time – Jonathan Cohn (The New Republic, January 21, 2013).
Climate Change Moves to Forefront in Obama's Second Inaugural Address – Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian, January 21, 2013).
President Obama's Climate Change Pledge in Second Inauguration Speech Tested by Keystone XL Pipeline – Matthew Daly (The Huffington Post, January 21, 2013).
Obama Turns ‘Austerity Inauguration’ Into a Dash for Corporate Cash – Ed Pilkington (The Guardian via The Raw Story, January 21, 2013).
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The State of Obama – Robert Kuttner (Reader Supported News, January 21, 2013).
President Obama’s Inauguration 2013 Speech: Full (January 21, 2013).
Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco Makes HistoryWisconsin Gazette (January 21, 2013).
Gays Referenced in Benediction, Inaugural Poem – Lou Chibbaro Jr. (Washington Blade, January 21, 2013).
'Making a Man Out of Me': Inauguration Poet on His Homophobic Grandmother – Richard Blanco (The Huffington Post, January 20, 2013).
From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall – Eric Fought (, January 21, 2013).
Obama Inaugural Address Challenges Tea Party History – Julie Ingersoll (Religion Dispatches, January 21, 2013).
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Image: Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

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What a great resource, Michael. Thank you for compiling it. You do inspiring work via your blogs.