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Progressive Catholic Perspectives on Cardinal O'Brien's Admission of Sexual Impropriety


I really wish Catholicism would get over the sexual purity expectations and get some perspective. Perhaps then we wouldn't have closeted sexually active men exposing themselves as either utter hypocrites or lonely men with a sex drive, or both. If any of the publicity about these allegations are true, it turns out it's the usual combination of alcohol and loneliness. . . . I guess I didn't react the same way [to news that Cardinal O'Brien has admitted to sexual impropriety] because I wasn't terribly surprised, and maybe quite a bit more sophisticated about these kinds of impropriety. That these are gay sexual advances is meaningless to me because I don't buy into the whole idea that somehow improper gay sex is somehow worse than improper straight advances. The impropriety with Cardinal O'Brien is the use of his position over his subordinates for access. That's what makes this abusive.

– Colleen Kochivar-Baker
"Cardinal O'Brien Admits to Sexual Impropriety"
Enlightened Catholicism
March 3, 2013

Cardinal O'Brien, like the pope, most of the other cardinals, bishops, monsignors and priests, played the same Catholic clergy gay game: ruthlessly condemn and persecute homosexuality in public, while in private ruthlessly seduce male seminarians and/or priests lower on the totem pole for companionship and sex. It's well know – from Monsignor Georg to the handsome new young male seminarians – that if you're on the path to becoming bishop or cardinal, you get to pick who rises up behind you. The problem is, not every seminarian or priest is willing to play that game. They won't go public with accusations that you hit on them, but the bold ones will privately inform the offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Cardinal O'Brien was the most virulently anti-gay cardinal in the UK. So he deserves to end his hypocritical career in scandal and shame.

Phil Attey
March 3, 2013

Besides the abuse and harassment involved in this case, the real tragedy is that because of institutional Catholicism’s negative attitudes toward homosexuality, Cardinal O’Brien felt he could not have sought help to accept himself and to deal with his sexuality in mature, healthy, and holy ways. . . . If more church leaders were to acknowledge and accept their sexuality, the Catholic Church would be a much healthier, and much of the physical abuse caused by clerics’ behavior and emotional abuse caused by misguided teachings could be avoided.

– Francis DeBernardo

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Anonymous said...

Good comments here. It seems that Cardinal O'Brien was more moderate in earlier years and only in the past few years had he been outspoken against gay people. It is sad that many higher ups in the Church are outwardly against gay people but in private they exploit young men. It makes me wonder when they proclaim that gay people aren't good enough to be married but young gays are good enough to be used for sex.