Monday, March 04, 2013

Something to Think About . . .


Image: "Papal Divestment" by Pat Bagley.

Recommended Off-site Links:
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Discord Remains at Vatican as Pope Departs – Rachel Donadio (New York Times, February 28, 2013).
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Benedict to Be Called 'Emeritus Pope,' Wear White – Nicole Winfield (Associated Press, February 26, 2013).
Pope Benedict's Most Powerful Gift to the Church – Joan Chittister, OSB (The Huffington Post, February 15, 2013).
The Complex Legacy of Benedict XVI – John Allen, Jr. (National Catholic Reporter, February 28, 2013).
Fascism in the Church: Matthew Fox on 'The Pope’s War,' Clergy Abuse, and Quelling Liberation TheologyDemocracy Now! (February 28, 2013).
Pope Benedict XVI’s Leaked Documents Show Fractured Vatican Full of Rivalries – Jason Horowitz (The Washington Post, February 16, 2013).
A Parish Priest's Hopes for the Next Pope – Fr. Peter Daly (National Catholic Reporter, February 12, 2013).
Vatican Feuds, Fiefdoms, Betrayals Await Next Pope – Nicole Winfield (The Associated Press, February 21, 2013).
Papal Vote Preparations Begin in Earnest at Vatican – Philip Pullella (Reuters via Yahoo! News, March 4, 2013).
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Mary E. Hunt (Feminist Studies in Religion, February 14, 2013).
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Empty Chairs – Eric Fought (, March 4, 2013).
The First Reform is to End the Corruption and the Hypocrisy – Colleen Kochivar-Baker (Enlightened Catholicism, March 4, 2013).
A New Pope Won't Save the Sinking Ship – Wayne Besen (, March 5, 2013).


AB said...

Hi Mike. I think you would find this study interesting. Specially the bit where American Catholics were asked if they would follow the pope or their conscience.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks for the link, AB.

I shared a quote about this poll over at The Progressive Catholic Voice (see here), but I hadn't seen the graphic that's contained in the article you shared. So thanks for that!

Hope all is well with you.