Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quote of the Day

. . . We trust that even if he is not charged with a crime, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt will step down from the role of Archbishop for which he is not suited. If he were to emerge from the clerical culture, there are many roles in which he could serve admirably.

We trust that after John Nienstedt’s resignation, the Task Force will design and implement a working procedure for removing immature men from the priesthood and putting them in safe environments.

We trust that Pope Francis, as a first step, will instruct his U.S. delegate to seek recommendations from all the people in this archdiocese in replacing the Archbishop. We hope that he will continue that practice in each diocese when appointing leadership for them.

Who knows what other reforms could follow?

– The Editorial Team of The Progressive Catholic Voice
(Paula Ruddy, Mary Beckfeld, and Michael Bayly)
"Can the Archdiocese Continue Under the Leadership
of John C. Nienstedt?
October 20, 2013

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colkoch said...

Michael, I know that unless our conceptualization of the priesthood changes, and Holy Orders is allowed to go off into the sunset, Catholicism will repeat and repeat this same kind of thing over and over. Jesus did not ordain anybody. He stressed the baptism of the faithful and so did His immediate followers.

Catholicism must stop basing it's authority on the Roman military model. Otherwise Catholicism will die as a meaningful and spiritually potent belief system. This will happen sooner rather than later. The globally connected world is moving very very fast and old concepts in all patriarchal religions have a very short life time relative to their ages long history. Mankind is moving forward to a world view that was never conceived of by the Church Fathers. It's time to recognize that fact.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Well said, Colleen!

greyhound81 said...

I am so glad to see the PCC call for Nienstedt to step down.

Even if everything on the priest's PC was legal, it still screams out why would Nienstedt keep a priest that will have access to children when the erotica that the priest is viewing/downloading are pictures that depict an adult with a "youth/child" (again even if the "models" in the pictures are over 18---and therefore legal to possess)situation.

Flynn and then Nienstedt should have turned over the computer immediately to the police to make the legal deciesion about the age of the "models" and then Flynn/Niestedt should have been the adult, and pulled the priest from parish work.

Anonymous said...

This needs to stop and they need to start calling the police.