Sunday, December 22, 2013


Bound, I am bound like the knots in a string,
Eager to be where my life can begin.
Out of the shadow and into the sun,
So many things that I should have done.

I will untangle myself, so that I can see.
I will untangle myself, everything will be
Loving and free.

– "Loving and Free"
Written and performed by Kiki Dee

Friends, this post is to let you know that I'm taking a break from blogging here at The Wild Reed. To be honest, I'm not sure how long this hiatus will last – perhaps 2-3 months. Maybe longer.

Basically I need to be very intentional about creating time and space so that I can discern the guiding voice of the sacred as I sort out a number of things in both my personal and professional life.

Blogging – and being "connected" online in general – can so easily become an entangling and exhausting experience, especially when one is immersed in those types of issues that elicit strong responses from oneself and others. Last year's "marriage amendment" battle took a lot out of me. Even though we were successful in defeating that terrible amendment and securing marriage equality in Minnesota, I'm only now feeling as though I'm recovering from all that it took to ensure these accomplishments.

I'm ready now to move on in ways that I'm still trying to discern and, in time, enact. And as crass as it sounds, I need to start making more money! It's been a real struggle financially these last two years and, as I'm sure many reading this can attest, that's something that gets very wearisome, to say the least. The time and energy I've been putting into this blog needs now to be directed toward mapping out my future. Whether that future is here or back in Australia is one of the important things I hope to discern, as is the shape and form of my vocational/professional life as I journey on from this point. I hope there's a place for The Wild Reed, in one form or another, in whatever future I forge. I'm pretty sure there will be.

Thank you for your support of me and all I've created through this blog, which hopefully has been many informed and creative invitations and opportunities for deeper understanding and the transformation of hearts and minds that make for a world of compassion, beauty, and justice.

– Michael

Bound, I am bound like a rope on a swing,
Up in the air and then down again.
Sure for the first time, so clear in my mind,
Wise to the feeling, I gently unwind.

I will untangle myself, so that I can see.
I will untangle myself, everything will be
Loving and free.

For a live 1976 performance of "Loving and Free" by Kiki Dee, click here.

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Image: "Grace of Wild Things" by Nick Wroblewski.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

I loved that Kiki Dee song back then! Thanks for reminding me.

Good luck with your plans and I trust it all works out, and we see you back here occasionally. I understand complely how you feel, I felt worn out from blogging too, and decided to take a break once I reached 1,000 posts recently, but I have continued, but need to ease off too, or I will never return to my other writing plans.

brian gerard said...

The Wild Reed was my welcome to the Twin Cities! We met here and a great friendship has grown out of these wild reeds. I love your writing, Michael and know you will find a place for it. Deep down you have everything you need to discern what is next. It will all go well.

Mary Kay Orman said...

Winter seems to be a good time of the year for physical rest and spiritual rejuvenation, and this is something that you so deserve after such incredibly demanding work, Michael.

Thanks for all you do. Best wishes in the New Year.

Don Cailliez said...

What a contribution you have made by making so many important things known to all of us. Keeping updated through you about these issues has been so good for me.

My best wishes Michael, in all that you do in the future. I can't help but think knowing you as I do that it will be something beneficial to all who are lucky enough to have contact with you.

Mary Beckfeld said...

Michael, I am so proud of you for taking time to heal yourself - you are very important to a lot of us and I know how hard you have worked with little compensation. I honestly don't know how you have done it. Peace, stay connected, and take "exquisite care."

Paula said...

Michael, thanks for the Wild Reed. I have appreciated it. Unentangling and then re-entangling is a periodic necessity. Let us know how we can be of help if we can be.

AB said...

dear michael. best wishes for your period of rest and reflection. you will be in our thoughts. Xmas wishes- AB from India

Terry Nelson said...

I wish you well and will continue to keep you daily in my prayers.

Merry Christmas!

McAuley Hentges said...

Thank you for the Wild Reed and for all the good work that you do. I wish you well as you discern the next step on your path. I selfishly hope you'll stay in the Twin Cities, but wherever you go from here, you will carry with you the love of our family. I'll keep you in my prayers during this time of transition.

William D. Lindsey said...

Michael, you'll be SO much missed, but this is a break you richly deserve. You and your allies have done yeoman's work for several years now in the battle for gay rights in Minnesota, and your work has paid off in such important ways.

You've earned the right to rest and celebrate what you've accomplished a while!

Terence Weldon said...

All the best with your discernment process, Michael - sorry I've been so slow to respond, but I've only just seen the post.

I can fully identify with your concerns, sharing some of them myself. The job you've undertaken these past many years, and especially over gay marriage, is undoubtedly exhausting, and like everyone else, you too need and deserve some time for yourself. Likewise, you have to survive, and financial considerations are not "crass", but essential.

Take your time, look after yourself - and many thanks for your work and inspiration to us all.

Gordon and Margaret Bayly said...

As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

As you come to terms with where your professional and faith journey is leading you, we are, and will continue to be, "there for you".

Your countless endeavours have filled us with pride and joy.

Love & Peace,

Mum & Dad

P.S. – As you know, I am a great fan of Kiki Dee. I enjoyed the "Loving and Free" clip . . . appropriate words for your present decision making! "Amoureuse" remains my favourite! – Mum.