Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

[Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson] can think and say whatever he likes. He has freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. I firmly defend his right to say what he said.

I also firmly defend the rights of others to respond, whether to criticize his choice of words or the theological basis of his claims.

When you speak publicly, you are inviting everyone who hears you to respond. Different responses carry different weights. It’s a fact of life, though, that actions have consequences. So if you speak publicly and people respond negatively, that’s a consequence. If you speak publicly and your employer terminates you, that’s a consequence, too. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech remain intact. It’s simply cause and effect.

When you say something publicly that is as vile, crude, and offensive as what Robertson said, you probably ought to expect strong and swift reactions. I defend your right to think it and say it, but you have to put your big boy pants on and deal with the consequences.

– Thom Curnutte
"In Case You Didn’t See It Today"
Faith in the 21st Century: Musings of a Millennial on Faith, Life, and Spirituality
December 19, 2013

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