Friday, June 27, 2014

Quote of the Day

Read in conjunction with the recent document by the International Theological Commission on interpreting the sensus fidelium, the attitude [of the bishops as expressed in their recent instrumentum laboris] seems to be, if Catholics disagree with Church teaching, it’s because they don’t understand it. A more reasonable conclusion, would be that if people in real-world loving relationships don’t agree with church teaching, it’s because celibate bishops and theologians don’t understand sexuality, relationships or marriage.

– Terence Weldon
"Bishops’ Depressing Document on Marriage: Glimmers of Hope"
Queering the Church
June 27, 2014

Catholic LGBT Advocates Respond to ‘Disappointing’ Synod Working Paper – Bob Shine (Bondings 2.0, June 29, 2014).
Church Leaders' Condescension An Affront to Catholic Laity's Intelligence – Kelly Stewart (National Catholic Reporter, June 30, 2014).

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McAuley said...

When the bishops arrived at the Second Vatican Council, they were confronted with working papers prepared by the curia that were heavy with regressive ideas, rehashed dogmas, and moral condemnations from on high. The bishops reacted forcefully, criticizing the curial documents, and demanding time to develop their own drafts. The council went on to initiate an ambitious reform and renewal of the church.

The synod can be rescued, and go on to become the moment when the church turned away from the right wing backlash to Vatican II. I think, given the bishops we have, this is less likely to happen than in 1962, but one can hope. If the synod is a disappointment, however, I think that will be very damaging.