Monday, April 20, 2015

Redemption in the Sensuousness of the Moment

Sex is slimy from a certain point of view, but only a spirit delighting in disembodiment would not appreciate the mushy, wet, sensuous body we are and the muddy, naturally decaying world we inhabit.

. . . The bodiless spirituality that many find comforting I don't trust. I don't trust its preference for white light and its assumption that the spirit resides in the sky or in the brilliant stars.

. . . D. H. Lawrence frequently spoke strongly for a sensual way of life, which he distinguishes from thinking about and merely esteeming sensuality. He was also, in his paganism, one of the most religious of modern poets. We seem not to have learned this lesson that the slimy body close at hand is holier than the dry, distant mind, because we still pray to abstract gods and look beyond the sensuousness of the moment for redemption. Perhaps we don't grasp the mystery found in many religious teachings, according to which the spiritual life begins when God becomes incarnate.

Thomas Moore
Excerpted from "Our Spiritual Fire Needs a Base in the Muddy Earth"
in Original Self: Living with Paradox and Originality
pp. 81-83

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Image: "True Love" by Thomas Synnamon.

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