Monday, May 25, 2015

Progressive Thoughts on Recent Developments in Ireland, El Salvador and the U.S.

Writes Francis DeBernardo about both the overwhelming Catholic support for marriage equality in Ireland and the latest step in the journey to sainthood for Oscar Romero in El Salvador . . .

Meanwhile, Fred Clark writes of how the U. S. bishops comprise a "culture-war vanguard without an army."

For Americans accustomed to the politicized culture-warrior bishops of the American Catholic church, it is startling to watch a pervasively Catholic country like Ireland mobilize in such a massive expression of support for the rights and dignity of LGBT people. After three decades of watching our nation’s Catholic bishops scrambling to enlist in the partisan culture-war of the white evangelical religious right, we’ve started to accept the American hierarchy’s claim that their church is, or must be, intrinsically right-wing and anti-gay. The news from Ireland is a reminder that this claim has never been true. The right-wing American hierarchy is a culture-war vanguard without an army.

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