Monday, October 19, 2015

Prayer of the Week

Jesus, Shepherd of our souls,
selfless in your caring,
lead us out to days of peace
and of thoughtful sharing.
Free our lives from ill and war,
what is good in us restore.

Jesus, be our Shepherd still,
though the settings alter;
give us for our changing days
faith that will not falter.

Christ renew in us the charge
at your rising given:
that we embody in our lives
the Spirit of mindful living.
Give us insight, show us how
life is here, the time is now.

May we with a shepherd's heart
love the people around us,
still recalling how your love
in our straying found us.
Point us to your caring ways,
guide us clearly all our days.

– Fred Kaan
(with modified words by Michael Bayly)

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