Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Something to Think About . . .


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Welcoming Jesus Home: A Christian Response to the Refugee Crisis – Trudy Smith (HuffPost Religion, September 15, 2015).
Refugee Crisis: Why the Bible Doesn't Allow Us to Turn Our Backs on Drowning Children – Mark Woods (Christian Today, September 3, 2015).
Christian Politicians Won’t Say It, But the Bible is Clear: Let the Refugees In, Every Last One – Giles Fraser (The Guardian, September 4, 2015).
Jesus Would Welcome Syrian Refugees – Laura Turner (Religion News Service, November 16, 2015).
No, State Governors Can't Refuse to Accept Syrian Refugees – Ian Millhiser (Think Progress, November 16, 2015).
Obama Chides Anti-Refugee Politicians for Being "Scared of Widows and 3-Year-Old Orphans" – Hasani Gittens (NBC News, November 17, 2015).
Elizabeth Warren Delivers Stinging Critique of Efforts to Reject Syrian Refugees – Laura Barron-Lopez (HuffPost Politics, November 17, 2015).
American Bigots Also Opposed Taking in Jewish Refugees During the Holocaust, and Millions Died – Stephen D Foster Jr. (, November 17, 2015).
ISIS Wants You to Hate Refugees – Adam Taylor (The Washington Post, November 16, 2015).
If the Paris Attacks Make You Hate Muslim Refugees, ISIS Wins – Jake Horowitz (PolicyMic, November 17, 2015).
French President, Unlike the Republican Party, Refuses to Appease ISIS and Will Take 30,000 Refugees – Barbara Morrill (Daily Kos, November 18, 2015).
Police Believe Paris Attackers Used Forged Passports to Stigmatize RefugeesCTV Montreal (November 17, 2015).
Leaders Urged to Resist Fear-Based Call to Build "Fortress Europe" as Response to Paris Attacks – Sarah Lazare (Common Dreams, November 17, 2015).
All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official – Justin Salhani (Think Progress, November 16, 2015).

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Image 1: "Do Refugees Need to Be Christian?" by Tom Toles (The Washington Post, November 18, 2015).
Image 2: Getty Images.
Image 3: Asylum seekers and migrants descend from a large fishing vessel used to transport them from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos. October 11, 2015. (Zalmaï for Human Rights Watch)

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