Friday, June 24, 2016

"I Will Dance"

Since 2009 I've shared every year during the month of June a series of "Queer Appreciation" posts. Each series is comprised of a number of informed and insightful writings to mark Gay Pride Month . . . or, as I prefer to call it (since 2011), Queer Appreciation Month. I always made a point of including in each series a diverse range of writers and topics, and in general the writings I shared were positive, proactive and celebratory.

This June I find myself shocked and saddened by the terrible mass shooting in Orlando, Florida which left 49 patrons of the Pulse gay dance club dead and over 50 injured. Over the past two weeks I've shared my own and others' thoughts on various aspects of this tragedy. (See, for instance, here, here, here, and here.) I must admit I've often found it difficult to feel positive or celebratory.

And yet, I want to remain hopeful . . .

Accordingly, instead of a Gay Pride/Queer Appreciation series this year, I've decided to share just one image – and that's the one below. This image showed up in my Facebook news feed a few days ago and moved me on a deep level. It shows a young man holding a placard containing a beautiful and powerful message by Paul Winkelaar, written just hours after the Orlando massacre. For me, and perhaps for you too, this message conveys profound truths about what it means to be a human embodiment of the Divine Presence in a world of violence, strife and fear.

I hope all who view this image will find solace, inspiration and hope in its message.

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