Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quote of the Day

Folks, if there was ever a time to stand with the water protectors, with Indigenous people, with the Oceti Sakowin, with Mother Earth [then] NOW, right now is that time. The rape of our planet is real. The destruction of our sacred mother is real. Donald Trump has already made clear his disrespect and disdain for the sacredness of women everywhere and now he's going to prove his complete disregard for our Mother. Once our sacred rivers are destroyed by construction, pollution, and pipeline leaks, we will never be able to resurrect them. They will be gone forever. All of the fish, plants, food, medicine, and wildlife that rely on them will die too. It will be our children who pay the price.

Linda Black Elk
via Facebook
January 24, 2017


Click here to learn about and send
a public comment to the Army Corps of Engineers
as it drafts its environmental impact statement,
required by the National Environmental Policy Act

Click here to sign the petition
telling President Trump to stop
the Dakota Access Pipeline

Click here to pledge to be part of the
Pipeline Resistance opposing fossil fuel projects
that violate the science of climate action,
the rights of Tribes, & the will of the people

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