Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quote of the Day

In one undistinguished term as U.S. senator, [Hillary] Clinton opposed gay marriage, voted for the Iraq war, and supported the Patriot Act, among other positions. As secretary of state, while logging impressive global mileage, Clinton pushed for aggressive regime change in Libya, and she worked hard to expand corporate military contracts and fracking abroad. Whether the American public finds her record favorable or not, it is not one of progressive, forward-looking leadership.

[Bernie] Sanders [right] has consistently demonstrated leadership, speaking out, introducing legislation, and laying the political groundwork on a wide array of issues, including: gay rights (long before they gained mainstream support), workers’ rights and union rights, universal single-payer health care, family and medical leave protections, and expansions of Social Security. On nearly every major issue – labor and economic justice, to the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, welfare reform, NAFTA, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Transpacific Partnership – Sanders has taken clear consistent stands, while Clinton has waffled, backtracked, and leaned to the center.

There is no magic wand to accomplish change. No candidate or president can promise change – he or she can only make it possible. What makes change happen, history and current U.S. politics show, is principled and courageous commitment and integrity – not Clinton’s fatalistic pragmatism, which insists that pushing for more is unrealistic and therefore capitulates before the fight even starts. On the other hand, it is entirely pragmatic to expect a President Bernie Sanders to fight hard for the justice and equality issues he has championed his entire political life – giving these ideas a chance, rather than no chance at all.

– Christopher D. Cook
Excerpted from "The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders"
The Atlantic
February 15, 2016

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Image: Jim Bourg/Reuters.

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