Thursday, February 04, 2016

Something to Think About . . .

What are you asking me to do when you ask me to vote for [Hillary Clinton] in the primaries over Bernie Sanders?

You are asking me to consciously give up on any hope I may have of living a sane life in our country. To vote for her in the primaries, I would need to believe that the establishment on both the right and the left have so thoroughly strangled the political system that it is no longer “reasonable” to even try for reform.

. . . [F]or me to choose Hillary over Bernie right now is to literally choose to give up on the best chance we have ever had to finally become a reasonable, civilized nation, and say instead “No, we can’t do it, I am too scared of what might happen.” . . . [T]o lay down now and accept the position that our political system is so thoroughly bankrupt that I should drop any expectation of living beyond paycheck to paycheck in order to prevent something even worse from happening . . . well, that’s it. It’s over.

The powerful can sit back and relax, knowing that if we didn’t stand up now, we never will — they know their manipulations work, their place (and ours) is set. We shut the door and I embrace the hand-to-mouth class status we’ve tried to move out of for so long.

I hope you see why I can’t go there, and I won’t. I will continue to fight for Bernie. And if he doesn’t get the nod, then I’ll hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton in the general because . . . we can’t let the opponent side in.

– Robyn Morton
Excerpted from "When You Ask Me to Vote for Clinton"
January 28, 2016

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