Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Quote of the Day

If there was any doubt before [last night], there can be no longer: Bernie Sanders is a movement, and that movement will not and cannot be stopped. Despite the Democratic National Committee, the big Democratic funders, the New York Times and Washington Post; despite the pollsters and pundits and the Washington insiders and political operatives – despite an establishment that doesn't want to recognize what has happened to America and why this movement is essential to reclaiming our democracy and economy – Bernie will prevail and the political revolution will grow. Americans are joining up and joining together. Sooner or later – hopefully, sooner rather than later – we will succeed.

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Phyllis said...

I agree that the Michigan win is big. I think the media is actually starting to get it, although they are still behind the curve. I will not be voting for Hillary regardless. If Hillary gets nominated, I will be voting Jill Stein of the Green Party again. Today I am feeling the Bern!

Mick said...

Hate to be a bucket of cold water, but I'm reading the exit polls. Bernie won by 4 points by marginally improving his take of the black vote (but still only 30%) and scoring with independent and Republican cross-over white male voters (hardly a bastion of progressives). Hillary came away with more delegates due to the corrupt system. There was a grassroots surge in Michigan – 2.4 million voters – but equally half were Republicans. And since Michigan is a solidly blue state regardless, this is no bellwether for the general election nor Bernie's chances in capturing the nomination. If he won Mississippi and the turnover was large, then we would have a game changer. Bernie will get headlines for a few days, but the math is the same. Unless he wins FL, OH, MO, IL, and AZ by big numbers next Tuesday, he will not catch Hillary – and no one thinks he'll win any of these.

John said...

Hate to warm your cold water (well, not really) but the argument you're making is based on the same premise as "Hillary will win Michigan by 20 points." So when you say "no one thinks [Bernie will] win any of these" I think you're saying that the political pundit class has been uniformly against him winning them – just like they were in Michigan. The black vote is a three-fold increase for Sanders, which is huge, and the deep south states are run for Hillary. Moreover, a third of her delegates are people who can change their mind. Ohio, Missouri, Illinois are all states that Michigan could be a good indicator for Sanders.

Mick said...

Lol. I would never rely on nor defend the pollster class! I refer to Bernie's own people and projections, the patterns thus far, and friends who are working on his campaign in NY, MD, and FL. By all accounts and basic logic, it is a very tough road ahead and Bernie is counting on historic upsets in all remaining delegate-rich states. This is improbable if not impossible. It's hard to take any lefty reporter and pundit seriously when they put ridiculous spins on each primary win or loss – as if they have a special math and clairvoyance to impart on we weak-minded masses who sheepishly follow Fox News. It's insulting, and I'm a Bernie voter. Imagine what an undecided voter thinks when she/he reads the zealous propaganda from the Left? Who's going to believe us when we talk about the corrupt Dem party, media bias, and Hillary's charlatan dealings if every week the Left screams "numbers lie" or one Bernie win is obviously a prelude to victory. I say, leave the childish re-interpretations to right-wingers and focus your energies on covering critical issues and turning out voters.