Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quote of the Day

Yes, it’s inevitable. Try to shrug off that Clinton fatigue. Hold your nose, if you have to. The only thing standing between a thuggish narcissist and the White House is the almost-certain Democratic nominee – Hillary Clinton.

. . . Bernie Sanders [right] is a statement candidate now – a strong one, full of integrity.

But that doesn’t mean the 74-year-old socialist-lite should get out. He’s done a real service, for the party he only recently joined, and for the country. Clinton is a far better candidate because of him. More than that, the Democratic Party is paying attention to the angry millions in the margins, those who may be tempted by the demagogue who wants to make America white again. Thank Sanders for that.

– Timothy Egan
Excerpted from "Bernie’s Dead-End Math
– and Why He Should Stay In
The New York Times
March 16, 2016

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Mick said...

Hillary? She is the candidate America wanted and made – and so is Trump. A year ago we groaned at Clinton v. Bush for the dynastic fight. Now it's neo-con v. fascist. Hillary will give rhetorical nods to Bernie's issues to retain his supporters' votes, and quickly abandon any progressive promises. The Dem leadership will throw party platform bread crumbs to the left at the convention in a meaningless gesture. The left should concentrate on political actions outside of electoral politics, instead of licking its wounds for four years waiting for another savior. Time for a real revolution.

Andy said...

Amen. Remember in 2008, the calls for Clinton to drop out started around this time. I think she made Obama a better candidate. I think Clinton is learning a lot from Sanders about true progressivism, and his campaign should go all the way to the convention if needed.

Phyllis said...

In my career as a midwife, when clients would ask me about the future (when will the baby come? Are the contractions going to get worse?), I was fond of saying that in my next life I plan to have a crystal ball and a magic wand. All I know in this case is that it is still possible for Sanders to win and as long as he is in, I am behind him. Still sending him money. Still hopeful. That said, the fact that the media continues to discount him in favor of Hillary is a huge obstacle to overcome. My candidate has not won the nomination since 1972 so I am also often heard to say that if a candidate needs my support, the odds are against him/her. That said, I am totally feeling the Bern and hoping the magic of Bernie's campaign will prevail. I have a lot of faith in today's young people and they are very aware of the negative forces of money in politics.

Lisa said...

He's going all the way to the DNC I am confident.

Phyllis said...

It will take a lot more than a little leaning to the left thanks to Bernie to make Hillary a candidate I can support. Didn't vote for Obama. Won't be voting for Hillary. If it comes down to that I will be voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party again. If Trump gets elected, so be it. If that's what it takes to get the revolution we need, I say bring it.

Andy said...

Phyllis, I understand and applaud your principled stand. I don't think it's an incorrect stand to take. I can tell you what my stand will be. Queer people, immigrants, and non-Christians will bear the brunt of Trump's fascism at home, and innocents around the globe will prepare to be bombed at even higher rates than under our current regime. Those with privilege can afford to wait for that revolution. But those without cannot. I'll be voting against fascism in November, no matter who that candidate may be.