Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quote of the Day

One of those strange journalistic codes . . . demands that no newspaper describe Milo Yiannopoulos [right] as anything other than a "provocateur". He's not. He's not a provocateur, or a satirist, or a trickster, or a troll; he's an idiot. Milo has no sense for irony whatsoever; he's far too vain for the long, patient game of saying anything other than what he thinks. Look at his old columns for the Catholic Herald – since deleted, but nothing on the internet is ever really gone forever – and it's all drearily familiar: protesters are bad, the left are bullies, the media is biased, everyone's mean to me; all delivered without a moment of deftness or play, and all in the grim throttled tones of any mouldering and moribund conservative hack.

. . . Milo is fading fast: he's with us now, but not for long. And soon he can go back to being what he always was: another bloviating dunce obsessed with his own importance, one more whiny voice in the vast chorus of the dull.

– Sam Kriss
Excerpted from "The Sad Truth About Milo Yiannopoulos"
February 22, 2017

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JaneGael said...

I had no idea who Milo was until Trump hit us like Katrina. I can't figure out what he is, let alone who. He's everything the Right generally hates, except that he's really good at talking trash about Liberals and anyone who isn't white. This man should have been flushed down the commode the moment he stuck his head up. It says far too much about the Right (can't we freaking call them the Wrong for once?) that they paid any attention to him at all. I'm so glad he finally managed to pull his own handle and swirl his way to the oblivion he so richly deserves.