Saturday, January 05, 2019

Midnight Garden

Midnight garden of passion
blooming its lustful petals,
its sensuous fragrance
surrounding its blissful meadows

The cooling sensations
of midnight fever
chilling stems
and growing quivers

Midnight garden's gleaming moon
shine your pearly whites
and watch my garden glow;
the view is out of sight

Midnight garden
let me feel your misty leaves,
let me taste your milky cream,
shower me with sunflower seeds

Silent Midnight garden
yet noisy as it seems to you
it may just glisten
but to me it only screams

Don't you just love my garden,
it's magical as can be;
my flowers bend and dance
to the rhythm of my sea

Midnight garden, oh,
Midnight garden, please,
tonight we become one;
forever lasting in deep

– Elena Folasade Winters

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Image: "Sex Mandala" by Alessio Slonimsky

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