Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Photo of the Day

I had to miss work today as my car wouldn't start due to the extreme cold currently being experienced throughout the Midwest.

In some areas last night, wind-chill temperatures plummeted to 58 below zero. That's colder than Antarctica!

According to the Star Tribune, the official air temperature this morning was 28 below, a couple of degrees short of the record for this date, 30 below in 1887.

Not surprising, then, that starting my (un-garaged) car this morning was a no-go. I even tried jump-starting it, but to no avail. And even if I had managed to get it started, I still would not have been able to drive it as the gear shift is locked frozen. A colleague has kindly offered to pick me up and take me to work tomorrow, and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon or Friday my car will have thawed out enough to start.

I feel bad for the homeless and those living in substandard housing, and hope that all my find shelter and warmth tonight.

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Image: Michael J. Bayly.

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