Thursday, February 28, 2019

Quote of the Day

Yes, Republicans, Michael Cohen [left] is a thug, a mob figure, a greedy slime-bag who lies. . . . And he used all those traits as Donald Trump's right-hand man for ten years. You cannot have it both ways: The president employed this guy, used him as his fixer and his deal maker, for precisely the reasons you now find reprehensible. No other president in modern history would even know someone like Michael Cohen, let alone make him his personal lawyer and his Executive Vice President for ten years. Everyone associated with Trump is dirty; they are all liars and crooks, because Donald Trump is a liar and a crook. Mob bosses don't employ honest people and honest people don't work for mob bosses.

We have a criminal president who presided over a criminal campaign and continues to head a criminal enterprise. I stand by my now year-old prediction that this crime boss will resign in disgrace to avoid, not impeachment, but multiple criminal indictments of himself and his entire brood of common crooks. Trump's a mobster who managed to con his way into high office, just like Spiro Agnew or some East Coast mayor or state senator. And that is a very good thing: Federal and state prosecutors – unlike the U.S. House if it were to impeach him – can force him to admit his guilt, shut his mouth, and go away quietly or face watching his children grow old in prison while he slowly dies in a penitentiary hospital bed. Stay tuned. Things are going to start moving faster.

Ken Darling
via Facebook
February 28, 2019

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