Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Australian Sojourn – March 2015

Part 6: Family Time in Melbourne

On Wednesday, March 11 I traveled with my parents by train from Sydney to Melbourne. (You may recall that I was in Melbourne around this time last year.)

We journeyed to Melbourne for the wedding of my nephew Ryan and his partner Farah. Ryan is the eldest son of my brother Chris and his wife Cathie. His younger brothers are Liam, Mitchell and Brendan.

My younger brother Tim and his wife Ros and their youngest daughter Sami also joined us in Melbourne for the happy occasion. All in all it was a wonderful time.

Above: With my parents, Gordon and Margaret Bayly, at Melbourne's Jells Park – March 16, 2015.

Above: With my two brothers, Chris (center) and Tim (left).

And here we are above in 1990 and at right circa 1970 (from left: me, Tim, and Chris).

Above: Tim, me, Chris and Sami  March 14, 2015.

Above: Mitch, Ryan, Farah, Ryan's good friend (and best man) Tom, and Brendan.

Left: With my youngest nephew Brendan. I'm holding Poppy!

Right: Sami, Mum, Cathie and Farah.

Above: My nephew Liam with Grandpa Bayly (my Dad).

Above: Dad and Liam in 1992.

Above: Cathie, Liam, and Mum.

Above: With my good friend from Minnesota, Joan. You may recall that Joan and I both arrived in Australia on March 1. We spent time together in the Hunter Valley and in Port Macquarie, but while I was roving Sydney's eastern beaches and attending the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with my friend Raph, Joan was experiencing an outback adventure. We reunited in Melbourne on March 12 – her birthday!

Above: Happy birthday, Joan!

Above: Liam and his best mate Kieran.

Above: Dad, Liam (holding Poppy), Kieran, Mitchell, and Chris.

Above and below: We engaged in lots of pool playing while at Chris and Cathie's home in Melbourne.

Above: Some down time.

Above: Mum, Dad, Cathie and Poppy at Jells Park – March 16, 2015.

Above: Happy to be with my family in Melbourne for those special days we shared in March 2015.

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