Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quote of the Day

Our job is to do two things. It is to defeat Trump, it is to elect Clinton. But [our revolution] is not to end on Election Day.

– Bernie Sanders
Quoted in Caitlin MacNeal's article,
"Sanders to Delegates: 'Easy to Boo'
But Harder to Have Prez Trump
Talking Points Memo
July 26, 2016

The Moment Hillary Clinton Became
the First Female Presidential Nominee in History.
And Bernie Sanders Did the Honors

– James West (Mother Jones, July 26, 2016).

Bernie Sanders Just Showed Us
What a Mensch Looks Like

– D.D. Guttenplan (The Nation, July 26, 2016).

Bernie Sanders to Return to Senate
as an Independent

– Daniel Rivero (Fusion, July 26, 2016).

What’s Next for the Bernie Sanders Revolution?
The Populist Insurgency is Ratcheting Up

– Jim Hightower (The Hightower Lowdown, July 26, 2016).

If Hillary Clinton Loses in November,
It Won't be Bernie Sanders' Fault

– Steven W. Thrasher (The Guardian, July 27, 2016).

Jane Sanders: Why Bernie Voters
Shouldn't Get Over It

– Tessa Stuart (Rolling Stone, July 28, 2016).

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Image: Craig Ruttle/AP Photo.

1 comment:

Randi said...

My husband Phil and I both voted for Bernie at our caucus gathering. His passion and his message was one that touched our hearts. Bernie has profoundly moved America with his revolution. I am grateful for the work he has done. I teared up listening to his speech last night.

Bernie asked us to vote for Hillary and I will. Phil will also vote for Hillary.

We will vote for Hillary for many reasons but the most important reason will be to stop a man who would destroy everything that Bernie worked for during his campaign.

As Bernie said, “If you think you can sit it out, take a minute to think about the Supreme Court justices Donald Trump would appoint — and what that would mean to civil rights and civil liberties.”

God bless Bernie Sanders.