Sunday, February 03, 2013

Quote of the Day

It's time to settle this. This is one of the fundamental issues of social fairness and justice of our time. And this is what folks want. They understand marriage as something they value, and this is an affirmation of that value. They've rejected this argument that [marriage equality for same-sex couples is] a redefinition [of marriage]. It's an affirmation of what they know to be true and what they cherish in their own life. And it's a good thing.

– MN Sen. Scott Dibble
Quoted in Doug Belden's article,
"Gay Marriage Battle, Round 2, Coming to Minnesota Capitol"
Pioneer Press
February 2, 2013

NOTE: Sen. Dibble and his husband Richard feature in Catholics for Marriage Equality MN's 2011 video series highlighting LGBT Catholics and their loved ones sharing stories of faith, family and marriage. To view this series, click here.

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