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Durrand Bernarr, “a Genre-bending Talent”

The Wild Reed’s 2024 Queer Appreciation series continues with the sharing of excerpts from Out magazine’s recent interview with out and proud R&B singer Durrand Bernarr.

But first, here’s the music video for Bernarr’s latest single release, “Unknown.”

Anyone who thinks that “R&B is dead” clearly hasn’t met Durand Bernarr. However, Bernarr isn’t only an R&B artist – he’s a genre-bending talent with stamps of approval from the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire and Erykah Badu, two legendary acts with whom he’s worked closely.

Beyond his immense talent, watching a performance by Bernarr will make you feel right at home – even referring to himself as our favorite cousin on our daddy’s side. His commanding energy showcases the theater roots that have crafted him into a skillful showman who isn’t afraid to give the girls a show.

Namely, there is Bernarr’s unforgettable 2023 Tiny Desk performance, in which he paid tribute to Disney Channel’s The Proud Family by dressing as the eccentric uncle Bobby Proud. The singer’s band and background vocalists followed suit and even dressed up as other characters from the series too.

“Looking back at [Tiny Desk], it was so much bigger than me. Because, when I look at it, I’m seeing not just myself, but I’m seeing other Black queer men who look and act like me and showing them that we can take up space. We can be sharp [and] we can be rehearsed if given that opportunity. We can really not only flip the table but set that ***** on fire,” Bernarr tells Out.

Bernarr has been on fire for a while now, and he’s not stopping any time soon. Following his last album, Wanderlust, in 2022, the singer is back with a new single, “Unknown.” Out chatted with Bernarr about his new song, the upcoming album, and a lot more!

“Unknown” is a very vulnerable song. Can you talk about the inspiration for it?

“Unknown” is about someone who has found themselves in love with a friend. The most maddening part about it is the friend feels the same way, but they’re just not in a position to take that next step. I’m kind of just venting about that and trying to find some middle ground. Because there’s fear involved, and healing, and opening up; especially if we’ve been disappointed or let down. It’s probably the most vulnerable record on the project.

What made you decide to make the most vulnerable track of the album your lead single?

Oh my god, that’s a good question. The main thing that we were going for was something that [people] hadn’t really heard from me. I don’t even think I was with [Erykah] Badu yet the last time I did a song that had the ¾ [time signature]. So I was like, “It’s time to give them a little bit of that.”

Tell me about the EP. What was the vibe that you were aiming for?

The main thing is that we’re going to have fun. I’m taking you guys on a little adventure. It takes you through a myriad of genres. We have the neo-soul R&B, and we have some upbeat funk. [It] takes us into jazz, and a little acoustic. I’m really proud of it, and the main reason is because of how quickly we had to put it together.

It seems like life has prepared you for where you are now and where you’re going. Can you tell me something that you’d really like to do in the future?

I would really love a show, and I’m thinking [of it as], like, a variety show. Something where I could really just showcase every myriad of my personality and my skills. I think it would be really, really fun. I also started DJ-ing last year. You gotta ask me what my DJ name is.

What’s your DJ name?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! It’s DJ TBD, a.k.a. Bra Coley. No relation to the late great Daryl Coley. The TBD stands for The Best DJ. Not that there aren’t extraordinary DJs that have paved the way, it’s just that now that I am on the scene, and I’m the best, okay? Better than all the rest, okay? So come check on my breast and my Tiny Desk.

Your Tiny Desk performance was a huge milestone. How does that feel a year later? And now that you’re a judge for the Tiny Desk contest, is that a full circle moment?

It was happening so fast. We were in the middle of a tour. I’m so glad that I took Mel’s suggestion to do The Proud Family instead of Popeye. We had so many different costume ideas from The Mask, Carmen Sandiego, and Beetlejuice. You know, just really letting my inner child play on stage. But now I’m seeing people dressed up on Tiny Desk and I’m like, “Oh yes, they’re so inspired.” I love that for them.

That’s why Bobby [producer] made such a big deal about that performance being really special to him. I came ready. Usually, folks come there, and they’re stripping down their set. [I was] like, “I have 20 minutes. I’m about to show my entire ass and do everything that I can possibly do.” The only thing I didn’t do was probably hop on the piano and do, like, a backflip.

To read Out’s interview with Durand Bernarr in its entirety, click here.

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“Let Us Be the Incarnation of Inclusion”

Since 2009 I’ve shared at this time of year at The Wild Reed a series of what I call “Queer Appreciation” posts.

Each series is comprised of a number of informed and insightful writings to mark Gay Pride . . . or, as I’ve preferred to call it since 2011, Queer Appreciation.

I always try to include in each series a diverse range of writers and topics; and, in general, the writings I share are positive, proactive and celebratory.

I start this year’s Queer Appreciation series with “All Means All,” a beautiful prayer by poet Karen Kaiser (pictured at right), author of the recently published Beyond: Poetic Reflections of a Love Without Limits.

I love Kaiser’s “All Means All” prayer, though must admit I find myself substituting “Beloved One” for “Lord.” I do this as I appreciate and agree with Donna Zuroweste’s observation that “a male, dominating Divine image of power, i.e. ‘Lord’ . . . is not inclusive.”

Durrand Bernarr, “a Genre-bending Talent”

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Something to Think About . . .

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Quote of the Day

What happened last night was a tremendous disaster for efforts to defeat Donald Trump. What happened was a complete catastrophe that was self-inflicted by Joe Biden. We should be super clear about this. Biden showed, without any doubt, that he is clearly impaired. He is in no way up to the job of defeating Donald Trump. And in the history of presidential debates, no performance has ever come near being as disastrous as what Biden turned in. It was a gift to the extreme right wing, an enormous present to the neofascist Republican Party.

And what I think we have to look at now is the response from the Democratic Party establishment. We had, for instance, in the spin room last night after this disastrous debate, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, saying that Democrats are united fully behind President Biden. That’s preposterous. And it would be political suicide for the Democratic Party to proceed that way.

I think what we need to look at now is the imperative of a grassroots uprising from liberals, from progressives, from so-called moderates, who don’t want a return to four horrific years of Donald Trump, that show all signs of being far worse than the previous four years with Trump. What is necessary is something called democracy – lower case “d” – democratic activity, where people all around this country, starting today, calling upon anybody they have elected with a “D” after their name, a senator, a representative, demanding that they get real about where we are right now.

Where we are right now is that unless, very quickly, we’ve got Joe Biden no longer at the top of this ticket or on the ticket of the Democratic Party, it is a gold-plated invitation to a victory not only for Trump, but an entire extreme right-wing agenda.

So, I think we have to now organize swiftly. The crisis of the moment is extreme. And that calls upon us to end this pattern of Democrats in Congress serving as enablers for a president who absolutely is impaired and unable to get the job done to stop a fascist wave in this country.

. . . [T]o solve this problem, we would need an immediate and drastic change for implanting backbones into the Democrats in the House and the Senate. It would be an extraordinary effort that would be necessary, most importantly, to get Biden to finally agree that he’s not up to the job and to say that he’s voluntarily going to be a one-term president. That is the clearest glide path to getting Biden out of the way so we have a chance to get an actual strong candidate in there to save the country and the world from Trump.

If Biden isn’t willing to do that – and I’ve got to say, he’s been surrounded by sycophants and flunkies, not only in the White House and the Democratic National Committee, but, in effect, in Congress – if Biden is not willing to do that, then we need to have an enormous uprising. And as usual, it would start with and depend on organizing at the grassroots and insisting that power comes from the base of the Democratic Party, from people rather than elites deciding to do X, Y, Z.

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UPDATES: Calls for Biden to Step Aside Grow as Major Donors Threaten to Withhold Funds – Sharon Zhang (TruthOut, July 5, 2024).
Biden Faces Rising Pressure from Dems To Drop Out But Insists: “I’m Not Going Anywhere”Rising (July 5, 2024).

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Image: Former President Donald Trump (left) and President Joe Biden clash during the first presidential debate of the 2024 election season. (Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images)

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Saaxiib Qurux Badan

And the emptiness you can’t seem to fill
Beauty fades & pleasures cannot take away the chill
And the glamour lures you down into a lie
Oh, but the cup of kindness never will run dry

You hear the vandals howlin’ down your walls
And arm yourself against the ones
Who want to see you fall
’Til some Holy Grail reveals the grand design
Well, it was in a cup of kindness all the time

– “Cup of Kindness
by Emmylou Harris
(from her 2003 album,
Stumble Into Grace)

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In the Stillness and Silence of This Present Moment
I Need Do Nothing . . . I Am Open to the Living Light
Saaxiib Qurux Badan – November 25, 2021
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Saaxiib Qurux Badan – June 29, 2021
What We Crave
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November Musings
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The Landscape Is a Mirror
Saaxiib Qurux Badan – April 16, 2019
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Image: Saaxiib Qurux Badan (“Beautiful Friend”), Saint Paul, MN – Michael J. Bayly (6/27/24).

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

I Surrender to You . . .

I dedicate this post to all who are struggling to let go of things in their lives that are holding them back and keeping them down.

I also dedicate it to all who struggle to start (or continue) both the inner and outer work of healing, be it from addiction, trauma, any and all forms of abuse, false expectations, the effects of poor choices, past mistakes that haunt and debilitate, and/or the scourge of low self-esteem.

May strength, peace, and healing flow from this post to all who need them.

. . . My heart is so open,
and my soul is out there
in the most vulnerable state,
so true and so pure.

I give myself to you, sweating my tears
and offering my wounds for you to heal.

My Beloved, I am all ready for you,
body and soul, past and present,
accepting your transforming love
and embracing it.

Song “Ya Malikan” written and performed by Midist/Wasim. Dance choreographed and performed by Ahmad Joudeh.

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Opening image: Michael J. Bayly.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Mystic Jesus: “A Name for the Unalterable Love That All of Us Share”

Image:Mystic Christ” by Dana Lynn Andersen

It’s been noted twice now at The Wild Reed that author, activist, and former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has a new book out (see here and here).

It’s called The Mystic Jesus: The Mind of Love, and Tom Rapsas, author of Wake Up Call, recently reviewed it over at Patheos.

Following with added images and links is Tom’s review in its entirety.


The Jesus People Are Waiting For?
Maybe He’s Already Here

A review of Marianne Williamson’s
The Mystic Jesus

By Tom Rapsas

June 7, 2024

In her new book The Mystic Jesus, Marianne Williamson sees Jesus as a living presence, as alive as you and me. Forget the dusty Jesus of the Bible. This Jesus is more a state of mind, with the power to shape and influence our lives today.

Unless you follow politics, Williamson is probably best known for her writings on A Course in Miracles. A mysterious 1,300-page text that appeared in the 1960s, Williamson calls it “a self-study program based on universal spiritual themes, employing traditional Christian concepts.” It is one tough read.

I first read parts of A Course in Miracles decades ago and could not get past its ornate prose. So, you might think of Williamson as sort of a Course whisperer, a valuable guide that can pull out some of the essential messages from the texts. While The Mystic Jesus is informed by the Course, it stands on its own. It paints a vivid picture of what it’s like to live with the consciousness of Christ.

What is “Christ Consciousness”? I first saw the phrase coined by the author and spiritual sage Richard Rohr who says simply that when we see the world with Christ Consciousness, we see God in all things. Rohr explains, you are “enlivened by a force larger than yourself . . . you are never separate from God, nor can you be, except in your mind.” Like Jesus, God permeates every fiber of your being.

Jesus can serve as a conduit to God

Williamson does not believe in the stuffy religion of the church who wants to “oversee and guide our relationship to God.” Her beliefs are more akin to the religion of Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich and the Gnostic Gospels. It’s about finding God through direct experience, without the need for a middleman.

The mystic Jesus is an aspect of ourselves that lives within us. “He was present as a man on the earth two thousand years ago, and he is present as a spirit within our psyches even now. He is a name for the unalterable love that all of us share.” Through him, we can forge an intimate relationship with God.

One of Williamson's core teachings in The Mystic Jesus is that there’s a profound disconnect between the love in our hearts and how we live on earth. We feel one way internally – but when we are out in the world, we act another way. Williamson’s message: “Move toward love and thrive. Move toward fear and slowly, or at least metaphorically, perish.” Jesus moves us toward love.

Five key themes from The Mystic Jesus

I have rearranged and lightly edited some of the key points in The Mystic Jesus in a loose narrative. I’ll write more on this book in the future, as it’s crammed with thought-provoking ideas.

1. We Forget Our Relationship with God

We are like children of the wealthiest, most powerful father who have forgotten our identity and the inheritance that comes with it. We wander endlessly in search of something that cannot be found but only realized.

The world as we know it perpetuates our forgetfulness, constantly disrupting our relationship to God by disrupting our relationship to each other. The only thing that separates us is an illusion of the mind . . . the misperception that we are separate.

Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way. The mystic Jesus is exactly that. Think of him as a better way. He is like someone who helps us cross the river when we’re too tired to go on.

2. We Are All One

The Mind of God is an infinite ocean of loving thought, and when we think with love we are thinking with God. The purpose of our lives is to learn to think as God thinks.

We’re like waves in the ocean thinking we are separate from other waves. There is no place where one wave stops and another wave starts. If I think of myself as one with other waves, how could I not feel safe and powerful?

3. We Must Rise Above the Ego

When we align our minds with the Mind of God, we rise above the ego. The thinking of the world is no longer like quicksand that sucks us into it. We are invulnerable to the chaos that dominates the world.

The ego’s kingdom is the low road of negativity and anger, limitation and fear. But there is a high road, a path of peace and positivity, abundance and love. We don’t need to create the high road; we need merely to follow it.

The mystic Jesus has the power to override the ego’s dictates, to save us from our chronic temptation to withhold our love. Choosing to align with him, we co-create with God a different kind of world.

4. What We Seek is Already Here

The world blinds us to who we are and why we’re here. The world as we know it is not home to the true self, and we cannot find ourselves within its walls.

The light we seek is not something to be found but something to be chosen. It is already there waiting to be realized.

The mystic Messiah won’t be coming down from outside but from the inside. He’s not coming from the sky; he’s coming from our higher mind.

5. We Must Bring Our Own Light to the World

Even the tiniest candle casts out the darkness. Even the tiniest thought of forgiveness, of mercy, of love, can change the trajectory of our lives.

Without our willingness, the miracle cannot occur. When we are willing to forgive, be merciful, be gentle, be kind, we are allowing our lives to be channels for his appearance. The light Jesus brings to the world is the light he brings to your world.

– Tom Rapsas
June 7, 2024

Image: Michael J. Bayly

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

On This Summer Solstice, A Call for Unity Through the Divine Fire Within

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, I share an excerpt from the book, The Circle of Life: The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr.

I’ve previously shared this excerpt but have decided to do so again as its imagery of the “great illuminating energy” of the “lights of the cosmos” unifying “all people on the planet in a great oneness” seems both appropriate and timely given the especially fractious current state of our world.

I also appreciate how the writers connect this cosmic light with the “unquenchable fire shining within each person, a light that is strong, deep, and enduring.” I don't know about you, but during these turbulent, often disheartening times I need reminding of this “divine fire within us” and its “energizing and healing light.”


We proclaim that the lights of the cosmos unite all people on the planet in a great oneness. As the fiery stars, the intense sun, and the reflective moonlight shine on us, so they bathe each one who dwells on this beautiful sphere of life with a great illuminating energy.

We proclaim that there is an unquenchable fire shining within each person, a light that is strong, deep, and enduring. It is the vigilant fire in the hearth of the soul, maintaining hope and truth amid life’s many ups and downs.

We proclaim that the fire of those who have gone before us has never left this earth. We are heartened by the truth that their sacred fire has become an eternal light that leads us on, a fire continually blessing us, encouraging us, affirming us to live our life to the fullest for our own benefit as well as for the good of all humankind.

We proclaim that the fire within cannot be contained. It seeks to move out, to permeate, to enter into every place that lacks passion and vitality. When the inmost self is opened with love, trust, and confidence, an energizing and healing light shines forth to fill the corners of the world.

We proclaim that there is a divine fire within us that is immeasurably loving, inconceivably caring, consistently non-judgmental, and enormously passionate. This light will never give up on us. It will cherish us into eternity.

We proclaim that the light within us is beautiful, precious, and wild. We urge everyone to do all they can to tend this fire, to care for it with courage and kindness. Let the inner light shine forth radiantly so all will benefit from the power of this immense warmth and goodness.

– Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr
Excerpted from The Circle of Life:
The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons

(Sorin Books, 2005)

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Image: Artist unknown.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Australian Sojourn – April-May 2024

Part 6: Last Days in Australia

Well, I’ve been back now from Australia for almost three weeks. High time to conclude my “Australian Sojourn – April-May 2024” series of posts with this last installment. (To start at the beginning of this series, click here.

Returning from my time on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I spent a day-and-a-half with members of the McGowan family in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales.

Above and below: At Brooms Head with friends Bernie and Mim – Monday, May 20, 2024.

Above and below: Due to a delay with the train that was to take me from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to Port Macquarie, I had an unexpected few hours in Grafton on Tuesday, May 21. I made the most of this time by taking in the sights and vibe of this river town with my friends Mike and Collette.

Above: Back in Guruk (Port Macquarie) with my brother Tim – Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

Above and below: Guruk landscapes.

Above: The rock platform at the south end of Port Macquarie’s Town Beach which is a very special place for me – Friday, May 24, 2024.

Above: With Mum and my cousin (Mum’s niece) Sharon and Sharon’s spouse Ross – Port Macquarie, Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Above: Mum and Sharon with the beautiful bouquet of flowers that Sharon and Ross gifted to Mum.

Above: May’s full Flower Moon over Port Macquarie’s Lighthouse Beach – Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Above: With Mum and her friend and neighbor Glynis – Port Macquarie, Friday, May 24, 2024.

Above: Mum, taking in the sights at Town Beach on my last day in Guruk – Friday, May 24, 2024.

Above: An Australian Sojourn 2024 self-portrait – Guruk, May 24, 2024.

Above, right, and below: On my last night in Australia (Saturday, May 25), my friend Garth introduced me to the annual Vivid Sydney spectacle. And this was after a delicious home-barbecued meal with his lovely family. . . . Thanks, Garth!

Australia Sojourn – April-May 2024
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Hello Australia Autumn!
Bundanoon, Batemans Bay, Braidwood and Goulburn
Hanging Rock
Family Time in Melbourne, Guruk, and Gunnedah
Happy Birthday, Bernie!

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Guruk Seascapes, from Dawn to Dusk
On Sacred Ground
Port Macquarie (2016)
Town Beach (2010)
Lighthouse Beach
Flynns Beach (2006)

Images: Michael J. Bayly and friends.