Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Time to Fast and Feast

Today is Ash Wednesday, that special day that marks the beginning of the Lenten season.

I appreciate the perspective of Margaret Murry, CSJ, when she writes the following about Lent.


Lent is a Time to Fast and Feast

Fast from judging others.
Feast on the Christ within them.

Fast from emphasis on differences.
Feast on the unity of all life.

Fast from apparent darkness.
Feast on the reality of light.

Fast from thoughts of illness.
Feast on the healing power of God.

Fast from words that pollute.
Feast on phrases that purify.

Fast from discontent.
Feast on gratitude.

Fast from anger.
Feast on patience.

Fast from pessimism.
Feast on optimism.

Fast from worry.
Feast on divine order.

Fast from lethargy.
Feast on enthusiasm.

– Margaret Murry, CSJ

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