Monday, January 01, 2007

Ellenborough Falls

I spent the last day of 2006 at Ellenborough Falls with members of my family.

Situated inland from Port Macquarie near the township of Eland, Ellenborough Falls is reputedly Australia’s “tallest single-drop waterfall.” According to
Geoscience Australia, “This waterfall launches off the edge of the New England Tableland and has a single drop of 160 metres.”

Like nearby Boorganna Nature Reserve, the area around Ellensborough Falls is breathtakingly beautiful.

After observing the falls from the viewing platform located close to the car park at the top of the falls (see image above), we began our descent into the gorge so as to make our way to the base of Ellenborough Falls.

Above: Journeying with me through the subtropical forest to the base of the falls was my brother Tim, his wife Ros, and their two daughters Layne and Sami. Also with us was Ros’ sister, her husband, and their two children.

Above and below: At the base of Ellenborough Falls – December 31, 2006.

Above: Upon our return to the car park at the top of the falls, we came upon a quite friendly Lace Monitor or Lace Goanna.

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