Monday, October 29, 2018

Our Bodies Are Part of the Cosmos . . .

. . . We are made of its matter – its water, its carbon, its electrons, protons, and neutrons. We have mass and we experience inertia. The electricity within our nerve fibers, for example, is part of the electricity of the cosmos. The atoms in our bodies, like those in the substances that chemists study, are held together by bondings. The core of each of our atoms, and also of those in materials apart from ourselves, is held together by mysterious nuclear forces. The breath of our life depends on the atmosphere that provide us with oxygen atoms. Yet we do not own our atoms. We borrow them to use throughout our lives and surrender them at death.

Henry A. Garon
Excerpted from The Cosmic Mystique
Orbis Books, 2006
p. 29

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Images: Dancer Calvin Royal III. (Photo 1: The NYC Dance Project. Photo 2: Photographer unknown.)

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