Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Quote of the Day

[Donald] Trump represents a party that now embraces (or is resigned to) intellectual rot and moral nihilism. The GOP is a party that has adopted Trump’s sense of male victimhood and has made peace with Trump’s cruelty to women and indifference to children’s welfare. And while Trump would prefer to bask in the reflected glory of the military, his personal weakness and cowardice are evident. In fully embracing Trump as its champion, the GOP has lost intellectual respectability, moral legitimacy and respect for even the most fundamental value, courage.

– Jennifer Rubin
Excerpted from "Trump Revels in His Ignorance
and Reveals His Cowardice
The Washington Post
October 17, 2018

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Franco Manni said...

Mmmhh..... It is not fair play that a woman attacks harshly the "party of male victimisation".... It would be the same if a man attacked a feminist movement of "female victimisation"...