Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Actually, I Do Feel Like Dancing

Scissor Sisters have a great song out at the moment that is proving to be a massive hit here in Australia (and just about everywhere else, from what I can gather).

Ironically, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” makes you want to do the exact opposite. And I particularly want to dance after hearing the results of the U.S. mid-term elections.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so much celebrating the victory of the Democrats, as the defeat of George W. Bush and his war-mongering cronies in the House of Representatives, and possibly the Senate. And if the results of this election say anything, it’s that the American people are fed-up with this war-mongering.

Yet as the
World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) insightfully notes, “the Democratic Party is the beneficiary of overwhelming anti-war sentiment that it did nothing to encourage and which stands in stark opposition to its own pro-war policy.”

In fact, says the WSWS, “there is a vast chasm between the massive anti-war sentiment within the electorate and the commitment of Democratic Party leaders to 'victory in Iraq' and continued prosecution of the 'war on terror'.”

The outcome of the elections is not only “an overwhelming repudiation of the war in Iraq,” according to the WSWS, but has also “revealed that the American people overwhelmingly stand to the left of the entire political establishment.”

Accordingly, warns the WSWS, “those who voted for the Democratic Party in order to express their opposition to the Bush administration and the war will rapidly discover that a Democratic electoral victory will produce no significant change in US policy, either abroad or at home. Millions of working people and youth will sooner rather than later come into direct conflict with the Democrats.”

Oh well, for now, at least, I feel elated.

And I think D. Stephen Heersink over at The Gay Species sums up the reasons for such (albeit, short term) elation when he declares: “Divided Government Returns. The People have awakened from their slumbers. It won’t get worse! It might even get better. . . . Crack the champagne! The Demon has been Checked and Check-mated! The Reign of Terror may yet be over. . . . Tonight, we can again hope.”

So what better way to celebrate the (partial) downfall of the homophobic neo-conservatives in the U.S. than with the colourful video of “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” from the oh-so-very gay Scissors Sisters – a song about a guy who’d rather be at home in bed with his boyfriend than out dancing. Enjoy – and feel free, of course, to dance!


Anonymous said...

Michael, great song AND great album. This is their breakout record.

Anonymous said...

Well i always feel like dancing!

The song is filled with gayness...and i love the energy it produces!

I see you grew your side burns and the hair is looking jolice! (cool)

I still think their first album has more variety and i prefer it over this one.

Take it easy.