Friday, May 30, 2008

Modern Day Pharisees

Michael in Norfolk has some strong words regarding the New York State [Roman] Catholic Conference:

As is reporting, the New York Catholic Conference is having vapors and conniption fits over Governor David Paterson’s directive requiring state agencies to recognize gay marriages performed legally elsewhere.

The official position of the Conference is to oppose all efforts to legalize the union of same-sex couples, whether called marriage or civil unions, thereby demonstrating that its alleged mission to uphold “the innate dignity of every human person made in the image and likeness of God” and to “seek justice, fairness and charity for all” is a crock of bullshit if one happens to be gay or the victim of sexual abuse by a priest. Like all of the Roman Catholic Church bureaucracy, the Conference has been utterly silent when it comes to demanding the disciplining of bishops and cardinals who enabled/covered up sexual abuse of minors, e.g., New York’s Cardinal Eagan.

In short, the Conference behaves much like the Biblical Pharisees: fawning conduct towards clerics and concern over form and rules rather than the substantive message of the Gospels.

Well said, Michael!

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CDE said...

Though Jesus objected in no uncertain terms to the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, he also told the crowds and his disciples to observe their teaching. (cf. Matthew 23)

These are challenging words. Who will accept them?

CDE said...

If we're Christians in union with the apostolic tradition, we haven't abandoned the Jewish faith, we have only seen its fulfillment.

St. Peter and his successors now sit on the seat of Moses.

kevin57 said...

Yes, the same Church which proclaims over and over again that discrimination against homosexuals is unchristian again and again in its actions shows its true sentiments.